Rachel Hacking Ecology


    Protected Species Surveys, Mitigation and Licensing
    Great Crested Newts
    Water Voles
    White-clawed Crayfish
    Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys
    Botanical Surveys
    Phase 1 Habitat Survey
    National Vegetation Classification and/or Botanical work tailored to your site and its specific habitats which may not fit Phase 1 or NVC
    Entomological Surveys
    Terrestrial and freshwater invertebrate surveys
    Advanced GIS and Mapping
    All ecological maps we produce are digitised using MapInfo software
    Invasive Species Surveys
    We offer advice and consultation on the management of invasive species, such as Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed and New Zealand Pigmyweed etc
    Bird Surveys including Breeding Bird Surveys and Wintering Bird Surveys
    Arboricultural work
    Working closely with companies such as Ash Tree Care and Cheshire Woodlands, we can check the health and ecology of the trees prior to any tree works being carried out, including checks for bats and nesting birds




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