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During her career as a professional ecologist, Rachel has carried out many contracts for a variety of clients. A few contracts are listed below;

  • Botanical monitoring (NVC) of the Manchester Airport Runway 2 new grasslands and new woodlands.
  • Invertebrate and botanical monitoring of the Manchester Airport Runway 2 existing and newly created ponds.
  • Phase 1 Habitat Survey and SUDS ecological advice on ex-industrial land designated for residential development in Birmingham
  • Botanical survey for Darcy Lever Gravel Pits to aid management
  • Pitfall trap survey for molluscs and Carabidae at Manchester Airport Runway 2 translocated woodlands and translocated grasslands.
  • NVC survey of ex-colliery site at Warrington
  • Digitisation of Manchester Airport landholdings and habitats
  • Management of OLS arboriculture work at Manchester Airport
  • Coleoptera survey at Marbury Country Park, Cheshire
  • Hedgerow and NVC survey at large site near to Widnes
  • Terrestrial Coleoptera training courses: surveying, dissecting and identifying
  • Aquatic vegetation surveys for HLS at numerous ponds in Cheshire

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