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An independent ecological consultancy working throughout the UK. We provide complete ecological works, including surveys, assessments, mitigation and expert advice.


We specialise in:

Protected Species Surveys, Mitigation and Licensing

Bats | Great Crested Newts | Badgers | Reptiles | Water Voles | Otters | White-clawed Crayfish

Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys

Botanical Surveys

Entomological Surveys

Advanced GIS and Mapping

Invasive Species Surveys

Bird Surveys, including Breeding Bird Surveys and Wintering Bird Surveys

Arboricultural Work


Our approach to Consultancy

All of our work is carried out to the highest professional standards, throughout the UK, and is very cost-effective. We place a high value on the project goals of our clients, and sensitive to the challenges and demands of development.


Environmental Policy

We have an excellent environmental policy including carbon-positive web-hosting, use of public-transport where possible, recycled paper, and recycling of office consumables (ink cartridges, paper, envelopes etc.).

Alder Leaf Beetle - Copyright Andy Harmer

Grass Snake - Copyright Andy Harmer

Juvenile Whiskered Bat - Copyright Joel Hacking

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